Four Exquisite Conferencing Venues, to suit every Conference need

Galagos Conference Centre is a conference venue situated in Pretoria East, Gauteng - Ideal business meeting venue, corporate event venue, business conference venue and conference meeting venue in Pretoria East.

This establishment provide facilities for small to large meetings, seminars, corporate events and functions, with a conference or board-room equipped with standard conferencing equipment. Menus are standard set menus, but may be customised to meet the conference delegates' requirements.

1. The Wysiwyg Conference Room

This 387m thatched building can seat 40-80 conference delegates in luxury high back black leather chairs and hand crafted Cherry Wood tables.

The WYSIWYG meeting room features include wall and ceiling lights for dual versatility, three permanent roll-down screen, three data projectors, three whiteboards and sound systems.

2. The Laboratory Conference Room

This beautifully decorated conference room offers comfort and luxury, and may seat up to 15 Conference delegates. Coffee and tea may be presented on the elevated deck, looking out at panoramic vistas.

No matter where the eye falls, there’s something fascinating to look at. Fun, whimsical, elegant and charming all at once, Galagos has a sense of occasion and natural beauty. The wow factor begins the moment you enter the estate and find yourself along the black forest encroached walkway. To the left the Laboratory Conference Room are connected to the Library Conference Room with a sprawling thatch roof.

3. The Library Conference Room

This opulent room delivers an intimate feel and may seat up to 15 Conference delegates.

A winding walkway lifted from the forest floor connects the Laboratory Conference Room with its twin, the Library Conference Room.

All our venues share the same approach to flexible rooms and state of the art equipment. Surrounded by a diverse range of venues catering to the greater Tshwane’s corporate community, Galagos has become more than an addition to a central business hub, it has become one of the city’s learning platforms where innovative companies go to grow and develop their teams.

4. The Hall of Fame

This great ball room, ideal for a more elaborate entertainment, may seat up to 160 guests around the dance floor. There is also a mezzanine level overlooking the hall which may seat another 80 people totalling 240 guests!

Every corporate event is customized with meticulous care to create a refined occasion. The inspired diversity of beautiful gardens and a forest sanctuary provide the perfect grounds for rewarding corporate teams.