"No one can whistle a symphony.
It takes a whole orchestra to play it."
- H.E. Luccock


by Compassion Art Photography

I still remember when Billy and I arrived at Galagos for our first wedding… we were blown away by the breathtaking scenery and lush green forest. The architecture was so unusual and unique, it looked like another world on its own.

The Daxter House has the interior you would expect to find in a modern romantic setting with a twist. As a photographer this helps immensely with options for the perfect shot and even if you are shooting photo journalistic you don’t have to worry about any part of the background spoiling that special unrehearsed moment you capture. Doing detail shots of the ring, shoes, garter, etc. with a bit of creativity is easily accomplished with the many décor elements available.

The Chapel is beautifully lit up by natural and soft light everywhere. The steps leading up to the chapel, makes the most interesting artistic photographs for those special moments with Dad walking his daughter up the aisle and then again with the bride and groom getting showered with petals.

A group photograph with the wedding party is also easily captured by the height advantage from the chapel. Come rain or shine, Galagos offers multiple options for photographs throughout the entire venue.

There are the distinctive popular creative shoot locations like the purple bathroom, lush green forest, multiple coloured walls, these are just a few of the options available, if you have enough time to move around there is so much more to consider. The venues charm also doesn’t get lost in the seasonal change; each season has it’s unique enticement. One thing I can certainly say, is exceptional, from a supplier’s point of view, is their friendly and helpful staff! They value each supplier, with such care, that we have yet to experience this level of service anywhere else.

Galagos is by far one of our most favourite venues, from any angle!

Reflecting on the Wedding Trends for 2019

With wedding trends as ever changing as the seasons itself, it is a monstrous task to stay updated with the do’s and don’ts of weddings.

It’s design season now and fashion creators have been hard at work sculpting wedding ensembles that make you rethink the meaning of the word fabulous. Before you pull your best Miranda Priestly smirk – I know you already wear Prada – that’s not all. Brides.com recently had an interview with celeb wedding guru David Tutera where he shared his thoughts on wedding trends. Reading the article, I began to smirk. So, if you’ll allow me to be a bit tongue in cheek this morning, from my perspective, let’s see what David had to say.

Ditching the After-Party.

He explained that “I want guests to stay in one location, and keep the energy escalating and flowing,” After parties have long been part of any wedding celebration. It’s midnight, the elders want to go to bed, but you’re just so psyched that this day has finally arrived that you just cannot leave now! So why ditch it when you can have it all? Whether chilling out with the African sky as ambiance or with the DJ pumping it till the cows come home, Galagos after parties have become somewhat legendary. With our BOMA venue a mere 35 steps from the main hall entrance, we light the fire and open the biggest wine barrel you’ve ever seen, all in one place. Trend set.

Modern & Industrial Vibes

David suggest that gold and silver are from a bygone era. Brushed metal and soft white is now. He goes on to suggest that an industrial-contemporary vibe is the way to go. Since its inception, Galagos has been designed to accommodate styles as unique as you. The opulent boudoir, the provincial kitchen and the steampunk heaven, it’s all here. Again David, trend set.

Ditch Receiving Lines

It’s too formal. It builds a wall. “I am not a fan of receiving lines,” says David. Rather mingle with your people in a cocktail event style. Relaxing musical vibes and a cocktail in hand with picturesque views in the backdrop, what can be a better way for you to personally welcome each of your guests? Our award winning in-house Galagos DJ can start by setting the mood with impeccable music taste. With the mood covered, enhance it with one of our classical-twist cocktails.

Minimalistic Greenery

Going further into décor ideas for the year 2019, elegantweddinginvites.com reports of a dramatic shift towards minimalistic greenery weddings. Ditching the flower studded centerpiece for elegant shades of green vines. With a forest as ever green as your love, Galagos Country Estate boast a lush garden that will afford you the ability show off earth’s magical beauty.

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