The devil is in the DETAIL

Whether you are looking to steal the show or have loads of fun with your Matric Farewell, allow our passionate team to invite you on a site visit to Galagos Country Estate.


The Planning Committee

2 x Breakfast meetings are included:- the first to assign portfolios and the second a short finals meeting.

Breakfast may be booked on Saturdays or Sundays from 09-12 in Galagos's Windjammer Breakfast Café for up to 10 delegates.


The FIRST meeting:

  • Organising an organising committee!
  • Choosing the date.
  • Budget.
  • Themes.
  • Handling the guest list.
  • Sponsorship.
  • Fundraising.
  • Post Ball activities.
  • 3

    We must NOT forget...

  • Permission forms.
  • Security.
  • Official guests.
  • Photography.
  • Student liaison.
  • Thank you.
  • 4

    What ABOUT...?

  • Table linen.
  • Balloons & props.
  • Flowers.
  • Menu's & place cards.
  • Sound & lighting.
  • Favours.
  • Highlights


    Showcasing highlights on the school calendar year, school emblem and identity or perhaps the school history may be presented here – iterating how proud we are of our education, showing our pride, spirit and camaraderie.

    Portrait Frames & Posts

    There are 12 Portrait posts on the entrance walkway.

    There are another 4 Landscape posts around the Boma.

    The print size should be an "A0" (841mm x 1189mm).


    Arriving in style
    on the BIG DAY

    Whether the vehicle of choice is a Volkswagen Kombi, a Stretch Hummer or a Fire Engine, the arrival attracts enormous attention and students are received like movie celebrities!

    The Logistics

    Dedicated space for vehicles to drive.

    Grand entrance viewing & photography.

    Separate space for spectator parking & viewing.

    Socialising pathways and mocktail stations.

    Special MOMENTS


    The best thing about

    Yes, there will be a lot of happy snaps taken, but you really need a professional photographer to capture this big event.

    Students are invited to gather along the covered walkway and in the boma to enjoy their mocktails, socialising and more photo opportunities.

    Your official school photographer should prepare to cover 5 hours of your evening.

    All images should be put onto a disk.

    The photographer should set up a mini studio for full length portraits of each couple.

    They should also cover the party and speeches.

    The Grand Finale

    The Banquet

    The backdrop where the build-up culminates with this, valedictory, nostalgia and thank you's.

    Galagos offer a traditional Buffet Feast, complete with entree, main course and desert.

    Table settings include glass under plates and crystal stemware.

    Galagos has a choice of decorative overlays or runners, and linen napkins on offer.

    Also included are your barmen.

    As tradition dictates, the year 11's may waiter.

    The Dance

    DANCE the night away...

    For many years matric dances have been a tradition in many South African schools. The dance is essentially held to bid farewell to the matric class which spends a fun-filled, glamorous evening socialising with classmates.

    Our in-house PA system is included along with its dedicated DJ.

    The school may compile a playlist or work in conjunction with the in-house DJ to make a music selection that is appropriate for the evening.

    Hakuna Matata...

    It all comes together BEAUTIFULLY

    May the matric dance continue to be a rite of passage of all students
    and the closing of a chapter in their lives, as they bid their schools farewell.

    ... and the circle of life continues...