The wow factor begins the moment you enter the estate and find yourself along the black forest encroached walkway. This is where the pre-wedding photo shoot, which is a great opportunity for couples to exercise their creativity and show off their personalities, may be displayed. The portrait posts however may also be used on their own to dangle your own artistic creations from, whether it is beading or paper craft, floral arrangements or simply a collection of Chinese lanterns!

The Chapel Staircase
Chapel Benches

The Boma Tables
The Hall of Fame - Banqueting hall
The Main Table

The large Main Table may seat up to 8 guests.

The smaller Main Table may seat 6 guests

The Main Table with placements on the rounded side.

Main & Guest Chairs

Velcro detail that may be added to the back of the chairs.

Guest Tables

The Round Table

photograph by Quintin Mills

The Rustic Round Table

Under Plates


Centre Piece Chandelier

The Gazebo

Portrait Frames & Posts

  • There are 12 Portrait posts on the entrance walkway.
  • There are another 4 Landscape posts around the Boma.
  • The print size should be an "A0" (841mm x 1189mm).
  • You may find links to printers at the bottom of this page.

The Chapel Staircase

  • There are 17 stairs.
  • From top to bottom the handrail measures 6.8m.
  • Wheel chair access is available from the South side of the Chapel.

The Chapel Benches

  • 9 Rows of benches left, and 9 rows of benches right.
  • The red carpet measures 11m x 1.5m.
  • Candles on the benches or carpets are not permitted.

Boma Tables

  • 4 Tables are 32 chairs are available.
  • These tables are oval shaped, and measures 2.2m x 1.25m.

Banqueting Hall

  • The banqueting hall measures 30m x15m.
  • From support pole to support pole the measurements are 9.7m x 3.65m.

Main Table

  • The large main table may seat up to 8 guests.
  • The smaller main table may seat up to 6 guests.
  • Both tables are a standard height of 0.8m.
  • The wooden panel measures 30cm and runs around all sides of the table.
  • A Black steel grid fills the centre of the table.

The Chairs

  • Galagos offers 2 of Main leather chairs for the Bride & Groom.
  • The black Velcro strip on the back of all chairs measures 25cm.
  • Chairs are divided in equal Velcro loop (soft) strips, and hook (hard) strips.
  • NO pins, glue guns, or other adhesive other than Velcro are permitted for decorations on these chairs.

The Guest Tables

  • These tables are square and measures 1.6m x 1.6m.
  • Tables are a standard height of 0.8m.
  • The wooden panel is 30cm wide, and runs around the table.
  • A black steel grid measuring 1m x 1m fills the centre of the table.
  • 20 of these tables may be utilised.

The round table

  • 4 Of these decorative tables may be utilised as main, wedding cake, gift, wine or desert tables.
  • They are round and measure 80cm side to side.

The Rustic table

  • 4 Of these small decorative tables may be utilised as accessories tables.
  • They are round and measure 61cm side to side.

Under Plates

  • Decorative clear glass under plates are available.
  • The outside diameter measures 33cm.
  • The inside diameter measures 20cm.


  • Serviettes are 45cm x 45cm.
  • White, cream and black serviettes are on offer.


  • 20 Chandeliers may be rented at a nominal fee.
  • Floral arrangements must allow a diameter of 32cm for the base.
  • The base houses the electrical unit and may therefore not be exposed to moisture.

The Gazebo

  • This decorative square gazebo measures 3m x 3m and is 2.45m high.

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